Your “Before” Dictates Your “Now”

Your “Before” Dictates Your “Now”

Pressing forward towards the mark is definitely hard at times but remembering where we began is the single most important piece of evidence that shows us how far we’ve come.

The fact is that we all began somewhere…some began better and have diminished yet others began rocky but are finishing strong. We’ve all got our stories and life experiences (aka the “before”) that molded our “now” part of life whether its good or bad.

There’s all types of beginnings in life but the most important part of our time on this earth is how we finish. We may not have had the best setting growing up but that’s in the past and right now is right in front of us and we can make a conscious decision to change our outcome. On the flip side of that we may have started out with a good home, a great job right out of college, or always excelled in anything we did but right now in life seems impossible to move ahead due to circumstances such as troubling marriage, decline in health, major loss of loved ones, etc. In this sense it’s just getting back to a positive outlook; not forgetting or neglecting what’s taken/taking place but looking at things with a new perspective.

Many people fall into two categories at some point in life.

Complacency and Unfulfillment.

1. If you have a sense of complacency in life right now then maybe its time to look back where you began and start doing those things that made you successful

2. You may be feeling unfulfilled and need to step back to be thankful for what’s been accomplished in life. Either way, something has to change to keep moving forward and have success at work, health, in the home, or spiritually.

What’s the biggest change you could make that would affect all areas of your life? Just think about it…and while your at it think about the fact your thinking about what you can change. What do you think that means?

Is that weird? Maybe….or maybe understanding the fact that our thoughts are what compels contemplation on change is the most important thing we can realize in life. See our thoughts control everything we do. It’s what makes us stay mad at or forgive our spouse, child, sibling, friends, or co-workers, its what made you wake up this morning, and made you go to work, it drives EVERYTHING we do, before action takes place we have to think about it, its a natural response we will never stray from.

It’s imperative that we put thought towards where we are in life and this not only means our health but also our level of success. If you’re happy with where you are, feel healthy, and have peace then things are great! However if you’re feeling lethargic and out of energy, unhappy, or maybe don’t have peace with others (especially loved ones) then its time to search for some change and it all begins with you and where you place your thoughts. You can think your way back to fulfillment or into a deeper, darker place in life, its your call and that’s either the joy or doom of choice.

Once you identify some areas then it’s simple….START MOVING TOWARDS IT!!! This doesn’t mean it’s going to come easy but when work is put in, reward is given, however, knowledge without application is 100% useless.

– Shaun Claiborne