Start Now. Finish Later.

Start Now. Finish Later.

If you start something right now when would you finish? The answer is clear, you would finish later.

When it comes to our health and fitness we may start in one place but end up in another. In my profession many clients have started with one intent but ended up with a completely opposite one. A woman may be coming to lose weight for a wedding but find out that the reason her weight has been struggling for many years is due to a consistent negative eating habit meaning the goal is no longer about losing weight for the wedding. It’s now adjusting dietary issues to help her have success in managed weight for the long term. Another person may come to do something for themselves but fall in love with exercise and starts running marathons. The path of that individual is completely different than the first intent of starting a goal.

Regardless of where we are there has to be a starting point. This concept not only applies to our health and fitness but also in dealing with relationships along the way. If we’ve disrespected someone or not shown integrity to them then starting the process of asking for forgiveness is needed, if you have a goal to lose weight or get stronger then you have to start exercising and having nutritional boundaries, or you could simply need to lower your cholesterol, this could go on and on. When you start that process, the final goal is being set in place. Seeing the fruition of the above examples, when asking someone to forgive you for your actions the result may not come immediately but through ongoing humility with that person it will come. With weight loss and strength gain you have to start eating well and making dietary changes in order to see weight loss results and you have to exercise in order to get any sense of strength gain. Having high cholesterol could simply be starting with having the right fats and walking 2-3 times a week. You won’t be where you want to immediately but when the act of starting takes place you will finish with persistence.

There are typically 3 types of individuals when it comes to change…

1. Lack of interest in making major change

2. Contemplates but does not have the drive to commit the time and energy needed.

3. Driven and geared towards success of their goals.

Just because we are all different does not mean that we can’t all start somewhere whether it’s in baby steps or coming hard out of the gate. So here’s some advice for each stage listed above; something that’s feasible and in reach.

Lack of interest in making major change.

Change doesn’t have to always be drastic, it can come in small doses which typically tend to become more and more prevalent when goals start being met. This really falls into what I first explained about starting to find out its different than intended. If you’re in this stage I would suggest realistically looking at small changes you know either can or do benefit you. When you start meeting these small goals its typical you’ll want to have more success with more goals.

Contemplates change but doesn’t have drive to commit.

Contemplation can be a thrill or a fear. I can contemplate what my future is going to be like and be happy to work towards it but when it comes to health there seems to be an unparalleled view of it. See when in life we know there will be hard times that have to worked through in order to get to retirement but for some reason that same process that is directly tied with living healthy seems impossible. Why? Because we think about ALL of the changes we need to make rather than picking a few that fit into our current lifestyle. If this is you in life right now, take a long look at where you would want to be in terms of health and pick 2-3 things that fit into the dynamics of your life. Focus on them and when the habit is created move onto another set of things and you’ll find the more you do it the better you get at it, as with anything.

Driven and geared towards success of goals.

This is a specific group of people and frankly its often a bad thing. I fall into this category and have found at times in my life I go too hard and miss the point of what I set out to do. If we go so hard towards our goals it’s more likely to fall out due to losing focus of rest, recovery, time with people, etc. This group of people tend to struggle the most because when in stride they’re unstoppable but when trial comes they can just as easily go hard in the opposite direction which could mean for hours, days, weeks, months, years, just depends on the individual. The best way to handle starting as being this type of person is to take one thing at a time and schedule it.

When I focus on one thing I will prefect it, then I can start to bring something else in afterwards and this will keep my schedule clear to work on other things along with keeping a mental sanity of enjoying the rest of life.

Putting steps towards whats best for us isn’t always a great process but when we press, punch through, and stay consistent with what we need and want the rest falls in place spite the amount of times we may fail.

Have a great day and stay focused on the important things!

– Shaun Claiborne