Shaun grew up a sports enthusiast and avid outdoorsman in the foothills of Tennessee as a child and in the rugged terrain of Australia during his high school years.  His passions include mountain biking, road cycling, spearfishing, golf, and hunting.  As a professional health and fitness trainer since 2005, Shaun has successfully helped thousands of clients lead healthy lifestyles and become stellar athletes. He is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Sports Medicine and TRX Group Instructor.  Shaun is well known for his hallmark holistic, intensive approach encompassing exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

“I love challenging myself in the gym, pushing the limit on a mountain or road bike, spearfishing and hunting to fill my freezer for the year. There’s something about flying down a mountain with no worries or jumping into the ocean with a speargun that takes me to such a peaceful place, almost like being in another world. I’m driven by the peace, tranquility, and realization that I’m just a small fraction of this big world we live in.   My desire is to help someone find this same thing through a healthy lifestyle and activities they enjoy.” ~ Shaun

Shaun is able to modify his “holistic approach” to personally fit the goals of each individual client– whether they are wanting to get in better shape or are training for a specific sport.  His comprehensive strategy includes a personal assessment, nutrition coaching, strength training, muscular function maximization, proper technique instillation, and lifestyle modification to produce dramatic results.  His passion is helping individual clients find their own success through hard work, meeting goals, and working through any obstacles that may be holding them back.  His philosophy is simple, yet powerful:  TRAIN.  EAT.  LIVE.  SMART.

“I am in constant awe of the human body.  The specific mechanics behind muscular performance and the importance of correct form for joint and spine safety are at the core of my exercise program.  In order to become a better athlete and protect your body from injury both short and long term, it is crucial to understand body mechanics.  Look at the golf swing – it requires the perfect sequence of core muscles, flexibility, and timing to be effective.  For runners and cyclists, it is crucial to integrate a comprehensive approach that builds muscle, improves core strength, focuses on stretching and recovery exercises in order to train at an optimal level and help prevent physical problems later in life.” ~Shaun